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About Us


Bool was born as a passion project to offer the highest quality and services that high tech companies enjoy, but tailored for small businesses.

Partnering with Bool will put over 20 years of combined experience in Growth, Customer Retention Management, Business Intelligence and Business Analysis in your hands to give your business the expertise it needs to thrive in exceedingly competitive markets.

We know what we’re doing. We like it. It shows.

Dara Sandow - Owner

Dara’s specialty is growth in all forms and she achieves it by focusing her passion for data into corporate research, company operations, profitable product features as well as marketing and business strategies. Implementing over 10 years of relevant experience, a natural understanding of user behavior, a tenacious need to fix weak points and identify applicable KPI’s to connect them to user behavior is key to launching previously uncharted paths to success.


Alona is a consummate professional who dedicates herself to ensuring the right traffic reaches your business, by carefully monitoring the results of her work. Alona is able to update and change strategies to ensure your business enjoys leads that will convert. Quality over quantity is her tactic and Alona knows how to deliver results.

Paddington Bear Sandow – Floof-A-Loof

Business is serious but life does not have to be, and Paddington is living proof. His hobbies include, making new friends, saying hello to old friends, stealing socks directly from the drawer and sleeping in locations where you are most likely to trip over him and break your neck. His specialties include being a ridiculous animal and making people smile. Paddington is available to attend meetings upon request.


Bool strives to offer complete solutions, but sometimes we need a little bit of help from our partners.

Slava Bukina founded BeBrand in 2012 to focus on offering specialized services in the area of logo and package design as well as brand building. With well over 18 years of experience and over 100 clients ranging from small to large businesses such as Sano, Strauss, Shufersal, Ben Zimra Winery, Har Adar Winery, Roy Chocolate and more, Slava has earned her reputation as a collaborative professional who delivers designs that entice customers to buy. Be- Brand

ELY is a boutique agency that constructs and develops landing pages, image sites, virtual stores and custom systems tailored to your company’s needs. ELY strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction with every project completed. Clients include, DigitalMind, we-me, triggerHOOD and more.