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Bool was born as a passion project to offer the highest quality and services that high tech companies enjoy, but tailored for small businesses.

With Bool on your side you get over 35 years of combined experience in growth, customer loyalty, business intelligence and business analysis to make sure your business has everything it needs to grow and compete in increasingly competitive markets.

Meet The Team


Dara Sandow

Dara has devoted her career to understanding when clients buy, which offers work for which client types and how to keep them coming back for more. With over 15 years of relevant experience Dara has increased revenue for companies counted in tens of millions of Euros. Dara has perfected her unique approach and is now focusing on leveling the playing field to help small and medium sized businesses turn into major competitors.

Head of Sales - USA

Jeffery Moe

Jeffery comes with excellent interpersonal skills and ten years of relevant experience working for a variety of companies from various sectors. Jeffery’s expertise is joining his friendly communication style and passion for partnering his clients with the right solutions to lead then on the path to success. For Jeffery, Sales is about matching his clients with tools he believes will help them achieve their goals.

Everything Business Intellegence

Benzion Drori

Benzion has more than 20 years of Business Intelligence experience in both the private and public sectors where he devoted himself to perfecting his abilities to take vast and complex information and visually represent it simply and effectively. Benzi believes in clean looking reports but they should be dynamic to ensure information is easily understood.

Bool: Paddington

Paddington Bear

Business is serious but life does not have to be, and Paddington is living proof. His hobbies include, making new friends, saying hello, stealing socks and sleeping places where you are most likely to trip over him. His specialties include being a ridiculous animal and hogging attention. Paddington is available to attend meetings upon request.