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Bool 6 Things Your Company Should Implement to Improve both Conversion & Retention
Sometimes when you meet a person you have a very strong and instant love hate reaction, it is not something you can explain, but you know it when you feel it, and is often referred to as a “gut reaction” or intuition, and with time and experience we learn to
Bool How to Retain Clients Before They Get Started & 5 Ways to Improve Your Top to Increase CRM With Little Effort
  How to Retain Clients Before They Finish Onboarding: When examining funnels, new clients move through different segments which outlines the users’ status within the client lifecycle.  Popular statuses include, Lead, Registration, New User, User, Risk of Churn and Churn, of course many others exist, and their names will be
Marketing vs. Retention Similar but Not the Same The goal of online marketing is to drive new users to open their wallets and pay for whatever product or service is being sold.  In today’s digital world Marketing Departments are forced to split their efforts between online and offline efforts, but
Bool: What is Lifetime Value (LTV) & How is it Calculated?
What is Lifetime Value (LTV) & How is it Calculated? User Lifetime Value (LTV) is a measurement used in the world of online marketing to determine the approximate revenue a customer will generate during their lifespan.  LTV is often used to help with decision making regarding marketing budget and to
How to Thoughtfully Increase  Prices Recently I have come across questions from small business owners regarding whether or not to raise prices, especially during the time of Caronavirus. If you have decided that you would like to increase your prices, this article will help you navigate the process thoughtfully. While
CRM Position Outlines and How They Contribute to Growing Organizations Many have heard the Term “CRM” as “Customer Relationship Management,” a system which holds all of your customer details and interactions in one place, however, “Customer Retention Management,” is also a profession dedicating itself to understanding user patterns and behaviors
Why I Decided to Open Bool The reason I decided to open bool is simple really, I love and believe in the idea of small business. The idea of people carrying on their family tradition or following their passion is something that speaks to me. Beyond these romantic notions, however,