6 Ways to Increase and Improve Conversion

Sometimes when you meet a person you have a very strong and instant love hate reaction, it is not something you can explain, but you know it when you feel it, and is often referred to as a “gut reaction” or intuition, and with time and experience we learn to trust it.

In my last article, I discussed how my bad experience with a company can myself and other clients to churn  before the onboarding process is complete.  In this article, I’m going to discuss my experience with a company called Edkent and how everything went right.


From Zero to 100% trust in a Marketing Company?!

Bool is a data centric company, we believe that most if not all a companies’ growth issues and opportunities can be found through data analysis, therefore our reports are comprehensive and easy to read.  In the search to grow Bool, we decided to hire marketing agency for display ad services.

After speaking with several marketing agencies and reviewing their reports, working procedures, “best practices,” and strategies, I decided to work with Edkent.  Keep reading to discover the 6 things Edkent does that built trust to land an otherwise skeptical client.

6 Things Edkent did right to Convert and Retain Bool as a Client

  1. Be Consistent:

Setting client expectations with regards to communication, performance, and service before the work begins helps to build trust, but consistently meeting those expectations is worth its weight in gold in the world of Customer Retention.

After going through the sales cycle for both a client and myself via Edkent, I was pleased with just how consistent they are.  Professional, courteous, and timely are come of best adjectives I can use to describe them.

  1. Address Concerns and Follow-up

Not all potential clients are created equally, and each come with their own concerns.  As a data company, Bool is a tough customer for any marketing agency.  While we do not specialize in Acquisition, we know the business, and we live and breathe data. Companies have tried and failed to peddle their services by trying to convince us of impossible performance (such as a 60% open rate for cold emails), stats and when questioned a lack of experience and/or shady sales tactics were exposed.

Edkent took the time to address my concerns head-on and was willing to slightly modify our contract to reflect those concerns. That type of integrity is what made me happily sign a contract and look forward to building a long relationship.

  1. Go Above and Beyond:

When looking to convert and retain customers, going above and beyond (within reason) usually does the trick, for both sides.

Before Bool signed with Edkent, they conducted market research to see if we would be a good match, this was a smart and tactical move on Edkent’s part which served to ensure the possibility of success as well as compatibility.  The thought of losing a potential customer is scary, especially when the business is small, but the willingness to go just that little bit further will be remembered for the next opportunity. 

  1. Be Proactive:

Something to keep in mind both in personal and professional aspects of life is, “people don’t know what you don’t know.” By proactively communicating with clients, you’re able to pass on vital information and avoid friction points with both your potential and existing users.

When onboarding your clients, map out the entire process and people they will be in contact with. By setting up a clear predictable communication channel with your clients, you will build trust with little effort, and trust goes a long way.

  1. Own Up to Mistakes:

Everyone makes mistakes, they are bound to happen and more than once, but it is how businesses address mistakes that determines whether the client will stay or go.

By acknowledging mistakes and addressing them to ensure as best as possible they’re not repeated, your company will be able to cash in on all of the trust building you have done by being pro-active, going above and beyond, addressing concerns and following up and being consistent.

  1. Admit Shortcomings:

It is not possible to be an expert in everything, and humbly acknowledging weaknesses and shortcomings can be a great way to turn a client into an ally and will certainly promote an open, productive, team environment.

Bool is an expert in Customer Retention, Data Analysis as well as BI, but Customer Acquisition is not our forte, Edkent is an expert in Customer Acquisition, conversations based on mutual respect and willingness to learn from the other have brought us to a lovely and hopefully long-lasting partnership.

Does your company need help to improve conversion from lead to customer, onboarding satisfaction, or Customer Retention?  Bool is here to help, simply write to dara@boolbiz.com to learn what can be done for your company.