Outsourced Customer Loyalty Officer

Whether you are a start-up looking to lay customer loyalty foundations or an established company looking to scale up your efforts, with an outsourced CRO, you will have everything Bool has to offer at your side for a monthly fee.

When your company can confidently take the reins (don’t worry, we prepare you) everyone at Bool will happily cheer you on from the sidelines and celebrate your success. 

Products and services included in this package are:

Customer Journey Build

  • With KPI assignment
  • Inclusive of number of interaction points, main marketing message and calls to action.
  • Not inclusive of functioning reports or templates.

Customer Retention Strategy

  • Holistic strategy on how to better retain customers that spans across, Support/Success, Product and Marketing departments, inclusive of Customer Segmentations build and analysis.
  • Based on RFM and existing user behavior 
  • Relevant KPI’s and success measurements included

Revenue Growth Strategy from Existing Clients:

  • Strategy on how to increase revenue from existing user base 
  • Inclusive on how to shorten the time from the point the user registers to becoming a paying client.