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Bool reports

Our reports are built in excel and designed to be easy to read and fully customizable to suit businesses of all levels and industry types. Plus, each report comes complete with a free overview and explanation, which is available upon request.

Predictive Report

Being able to make educated guesses based on current performance is a game changer for most businesses, but it can also be complicated. With our report template simply insert your information and the report will update automatically.

Funnel (Basic)

Tracking incoming revenue from a number of channels can be a challenging task, however, with Bool’s funnel report the reader is able to quickly understand how each channel is performing and pinpoints areas requiring improvement.

Funnel (Comprehensive)

This comprehensive funnel report allows you to examine the information from a variety of angles, including: language, geo location, marketing channels, and more to give the reader as many details as possible about their revenue channels.


Checking keyword performance can be very time consuming and decisions difficult to make, Bool’s template slashes the analysis time in half, so you can devote your energy elsewhere.


Make smarter marketing decisions by tracking your campaigns. You can then compare them to your business’ past campaigns to help understand which marketing efforts are more profitable.


It’s natural for clients to leave, but at what rate and can they be slowed down? The churn report will break down how long you can expect your clients to stay as well as highlight when they are leaving

Don’t see what you need? We create custom reports, let us help you.
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Bool CRM:

Bool CRM is designed for companies who are either just getting started or looking to manage relatively small clients lists.

Bool CRM is fully customizable, and intuitive so your business can get started right away. When you outgrow us, you will can client list to most any CRM systems offered today.

See how Bool can help you easily manage your clients.


Bool Academy:

We believe in supporting and empowering small and medium sized businesses and one of the best ways we can do that, is to provide easily affordable and targeted courses. 

If don’t know what LTV, NPV, CLV or RFM stand for, that’s okay, we know what they mean and better yet, we know how to use them, and you will too.