It's Time for your business to grow

At Bool we love to connect dots between numbers and customer behaviour, we are really good at it, and now we want to apply what we learned to give your business a leg up. 

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Client Loyalty Health Check:

Complete Overview of all Customer Loyalty efforts currently carried out by your company and full analysis of what is working and what needs to be added or improved to keep your customers loyal.

Client SOS

For companies who suffer from too many one-time buyers or experience a sudden drop in sales, we will find out what is causing the issue, explain how to fix it and provide you with a solid strategy to avoid the same issues in the future.

Client Information Map

You have the website, but you’re not sure how your customers are using it? Let us map the places where your clients click so you can: 

Grow Starter Pack

For businesses who have clients but are not sure what to do with them, we will help you:

Bool's Custom Services for Your Business

All Inclusive Growth Starter Kit:
Outsourced Customer Loyalty Officer