Comprehensive Customer Growth Starter Kit

At Bool we love to connect dots between numbers and customer behaviour, we are really good at it, and now we want to apply what we learned to give your business a leg up. 

Tools & Data collection mechanism:

  • How to work best with the data you’re collecting 
  • Ensure that missing data is being collected. 
  • Short Term tracking (QA) that data is being properly stored.
  • Tool Advice – the right tool for your company.

Performance Optimization Reports:

  • Build correct KPI’s and reports to track retention across all company efforts (not inclusive of model build) 
  • Detailed report analysis

Client Revenue Growth Mechanism

  • Build a strong scoring mechanism for analyzing customer value to be used as the base for revenue growth from existing clients. 
  • Includes model definition based on current user behavior + 1 update 3 months from implementation date 


  • User Classifications based on actual user behavior and data. 
  • Classify users into relevant segments 

Customer Quality Review & profiling

  • Analysis on which customers are driving the most revenue and which are most likely to become returning and paying users. 

Product Elements:

  • Comprehensive training on how to best analyze and leverage your data. 
  • Report on which data should be tracked and if tracking is in place.
  • QA Report that Data is being collected properly
  • Comprehensive report outlining the tools that best serve your company’s requirements
  • RFM definitions 
  • Complete customer organization according to RFM definitions and scores
  • 1 quarterly review of RFM model and updates as well as report and analysis of high-level user behavioral changes.
  • Bespoke list of segments and their definitions based on company’s industry and business model
  • Data sort of all users in their pre-defined segments